Batch Video Editing Software for YouTube/TikTok/Vlog/MovieRelease V4.6.0.0 Windows: 2021-6-14 MacOS: 2020-9-15

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Add watermark to clips

Create dynamic watermark effects (e.g. Expand, Scroll, Flash and Fade In). watermarks (video,audio,pictures, text).

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Batch video editor

Free splitting and merging video in batch

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Add watermarks (video, audio, image, text) to videos in batch. edit WordArt effects in WYSIWYG. remove logo and watermarks from vidoes.

Add subtitle to videos in batch. edit subtitle in WYSIWYG. create dynamic subtitle effects (e.g. Expand, Scroll, Flash and Fade In). add .srt or .ssa subtitles to videos.

Split video in batch. set number of parts or a duration of each clip. set start and end points for every part.intercept a section. remove title sequence and ending

Crop videos in batch. rotate left or rotate right. video landscape and portrait conversion. video resizing serves the same purpose as splitting.

Extract sounds from videos in batch. add watermark to audio in batch. record sound to vidoes. merge multiple mp3 files into one. split an mp3 into multiple mp3.

Effect blur pad

Remove LOGO